Our Commitment to Anti-Racism and Equality



The #MYNHerd believes in addressing the elephant in the room. 

Right now, we are the biggest fight of our lives: the fight against discrimination. 


In our day and age, it is crucial to understand the oppression historically marginalized groups have faced around the world. We cannot undermine the hardships these communities face. We strive to learn about these challenges to best aid and support people of color. We stand against discrimination regarding communities and people of color. MYN Group is committed to creating a world free of racial discrimination, where everyone is able to thrive and have equal opportunites without judgement based on the color of skin. 

At MYN Group, we fight to ensure equality for everyone in the workplace. We encourage everyone to strive towards this goal by learning about others’ struggles and incorporating diversity in the workplace. Everyone deserves equal opportunity and equal rights. It is our job as a society to fight for equality. MYN Group believes that with no action, there is no change. 



The #MYNHerd