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Office Locations

MYN Group is recognized as a multicultural consulting company that includes people from diverse backgrounds, offering an equal opportunity. 

The land known as the artistic and creative epicenter of the US, New York City continuously contributes to our creation of cutting-edge, digital, and global ecosystems.

Bikes at Amsterdam Canal

The Netherlands

The city that lives and breathes creativity. Amsterdam is home to a wide diversity of businesses, excellent digital connectivity, and a strong international position.

The dynamic concrete jungle that never sleeps. Hong Kong is a rapidly-changing and diverse city that plays a leading role in APAC’s business hubs.



The city of skyscrapers is also the financial center. Singapore seeks to become a smart nation with potential strategies to grow in the digital economy.


Our diversity helps us devise and develop solutions globally. We learn a lot from collaborating with our team members who have different professional experiences.

Image by Maxime
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