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Discovering New Value Exchanges Through Transparent Digital Ecosystems

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Are you discovering new value exchanges through digital ecosystems? Because we are. Both internally and externally. We do it within our company. We also do it externally, making sure that companies have an ethical impact with their data - which in result, will enrich their consumers’ lives. We also focus on impacting consumer journeys and brand processes, to elevate and transform their digital ecosystem.

To put simply, in this day and age, Generation Z is looking for one truth: how can the current world they live in be improved?

They have also been making a huge influence on how people consume and relate to brands: More than 6 in 10 younger consumers closely consider a company’s ethical values and authenticity before buying their products.

Let’s face it. Today’s generation is aiming for a better world. (Can we blame them?) Through their social dreams and inspirational goals, Generation Z is making (or aims to make) a huge influence on all social issues as we know them (environment, healthcare, mental health,...) They are known as the most ethically-minded generation, always on the lookout for good causes.

Did you know that 71% of Gen Zers are willing to boycott or refuse a company that is behaving unethically?

→ PART 1. Transforming ecosystems that will have a transparent impact

Where ecosystems are already built, we transform them. We take what works and we elevate it. Our aim is to transform sustainable and agile ecosystems to build powerful consumer experiences that tie to an ethical impact. It’s imperative for us to have better relationships with our customers than we had yesterday. Our transformation of legacy ecosystems not only builds stronger connections, but also allows our clients to leverage existing technologies.

Read more about this in the following article: Social Care ChatBot

→ PART 2. Always discovering new value exchanges

Through the elevation of ecosystems, we always come across new value exchanges. As a reminder: a value exchange is a value based on a journey and a stage of a consumer. Each value exchange is unique to each brand, based on the status they have with their consumers. Here are examples of value exchanges: Ethical values, consumer talks, privacy concerns, transparency, relationship...

Each year, consumers are wanting and looking for something new. It’s up to us to always be on point and to always know what to do to enrich and impact their lives.

Through 1P data, we’re on a path to healing the consumer journey with sustainable impact and a personalized journey.

→ PART 3. Our aim is to enrich consumers lives

All in all, our aim is to enrich consumers’ lives and experiences and to provide exactly what it is that they need. Through digital transformation, we strive to bring back a more humane and transparent relationship with consumers, in a time where it is the most needed.

Through deep personalization, not only is the user experience elevated but an acute prediction of consumer needs and purchases is determined. With a good and innovative grasp on consumer insights, we elevate brand processes, their strategy, and analysis. This leads to clearer data tracking and trackable metrics that lead to success and efficiency. With all of this combined, we are able to build a time cost-efficient program, technology, and strategic plans that lead to healing multiple journeys.

To conclude, we are taking CRM to another level. Enriching our consumers’ lives with the right value exchange promises success with the tech-savvy generation, always looking for the perfect, most seamless experience. With our transformed and elevated ethical and sustainable ecosystems, we know your consumer better than you ever imagined, and we make a huge social impact on consumers.

Our #MYNHerd establishes sustainably agile, efficient ecosystems to build powerful consumer experiences that strengthen brand trust with ethical impact. Through this, first-party data, profile attributes, consumer feedback, and consumer insights are up to date through programmatic processes, automatically extending consumer lifetime value to discover the right customer exchange.

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