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Healing Discrepancies Between Enterprise and Local

Organizations want to ensure that relationships between Enterprise and Local markets onboard smoothly and unify onto future-proofing strategies where silos open up. It is up to the local market to help the enterprise level implement cultural nuance into top-down strategies.

However, discrepancies can inevitably arise, and small discrepancies can lead to big business barriers. There can be a disconnect when the insights and strategies at the global level do not match the consumer behavior at the local level. Only a nano microscope can show the pain points and identify solutions to heal these discrepancies.

The True Consequences of Discrepancies

Failure to connect with consumers risks stocks, market share, and business value. Inefficient spending of the budget also leads to trust issues within the organization. The lack of understanding of culture also creates friction. Opportunities to grow the most value and gain new audiences pass by without the right nuance. 

Despite heavy investments in platforms and programs, all efforts go to waste without proper utilization. Lack of utilization can affect both technological advancement and skill growth in teams. 

Energy, time, and resources are lost in unnecessary back-and-forth and re-work. About 25 - 50% of the efforts are wasted due to misalignment issues, most commonly due to differing opinions about how to perform a task.  

Underperformance disrupts the team dynamics, leading to tension, conflict, and increased workloads. Small discrepancies gradually trickle into the organization and become a habit that is hard to change later.

Discrepancies as the Hidden Key to Success

However, being aware of discrepancies can benefit the organization as it makes leaders explore any missing elements or mismatches in data sets and zoom in on any missing details that can be improved further. It also helps organizations adapt to their consumers’ behavior and ensure that what they do remains relevant. 

Discrepancies allow markets to amplify their voice and communicate their cultural nuance to help them be understood at the enterprise level.

The right strategies can help remove friction and replace it with focus. Strong steps highlight the missing nuances and business value to equalize alignment. Partnership case studies have shown that an understanding of each dataset’s contribution to business value impact and common metrics helps identify where to focus scaling. 

Gathering meaningful data, such as triggers and indicators of consumer behavioral changes,  teaches organizations where data can be used effectively. Likewise, knowing the value and deliverables that each party contributes will help organizations create a solid action plan to get the strongest outcomes.

Discover where the cause of your discrepancies sits. Let's identify the most valuable area for healing with our Not So Nano Elephant in The Room Workshop. Book a workshop with us or visit for more information.

MYN Group bridges the disconnect between global top-down strategies and bottom-up market-level connections. Our #MYNHerd translates macroeconomic factors into microeconomic decisions while preserving cultural nuance. We interpret nano-level data where commonalities scale successful impact at the global level. We're the "grease" that gets corporate gears moving, getting things done, replacing friction with focus.

Want to know more about solutions? Email and discover how we can partner.

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