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Looking at macro impacts with a microscope view on nano cultural behavior that business proofs

Updated: Apr 29

Watch MYN Group's Chief Officer Michelle Ng talk about looking at macro impacts with a microscope view on nano cultural behavior in this webinar.

The last three years have been a huge challenge for all of us, mainly due to the economic impacts left by the COVID-19 pandemic and the political unease and war between Russia and Ukraine. 

Consumer evolution

All these led to many changes in consumer behavior. It manifests in various ways, such as their product choices, how these products reflect their values, and how they purchase such products. Now more than ever, they prefer the digital route to get what they need and want.

This presents a good opportunity for businesses to catch up and adapt to how quickly consumer evolves. Through a microscopic view of consumers’ perspectives, we can discover where the gaps exist, which one of these problems should be prioritised, and understand what the real Elephant in the Room is – a top-down strategy applied without cultural behavior clusterisation that can future-proof at nano level will create friction with teams and consumers. With this, there will be a disconnect from a valid great experience reflective of their needs. 

The other side of the coin

As consumers’ priorities change, businesses should move and grow with their consumers by considering these:

Flip the coin

Replace friction with focus on what consumer behavior says about their needs and what it means for your brand. 

To truly flip the coin…

  1. Comparative indexing of the market shows a truthful or incorrect representation that also maps out missing insights that validate information

  2. Identify the differences in the consistency commonalities, where you will discover the nuances

  3. Volume in age group allows you to discover percentage similarities that identify hereditary behaviors from generation to generation as well as differences that predict change

Watch MYN Group's Chief Officer Michelle Ng talk about looking at macro impacts with a microscope view on nano cultural behavior in this webinar.

If you wish to know more about how we can partner to future-proof your business from macroeconomics with bottom-up validation, please book a workshop with us. You may also connect with us on a quick call for any questions or visit our for more information.

MYN Group bridges the disconnect between global top-down strategies and bottom-up market-level connections. Our #MYNHerd translates macroeconomic factors into microeconomic decisions while preserving cultural nuance. We interpret nano-level data where commonalities scale successful impact at the global level. We're the "grease" that gets corporate gears moving, getting things done, replacing friction with focus.

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