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Maximize supplier partnerships where organizations fueling metrics, change management and better level negotiation power

Updated: Jun 24

An organization's mid-year review uncovers challenges when finding that metrics do not mirror the year-planned predicted achievements. This leads to a shift in prioritization to focus on areas of value that ramp up contribution to metrics.

However, teams struggle to find the right top-value areas to focus on due to lead power often sitting with Partners where nuance action steps are inaccurately applied or even missing. Discrepancies arise throughout business units including lacking strong conclusions of business insights, missing actions, and low negotiation power.

Are you ready to maximize your suppliers and take back power?

Watch this summary video from MYN Group's Chief Officer Michelle Ng on how to start maximizing supplier partnerships, fueling metrics, change management and negotiation power

But what is the Real Elephant in the Room?

The inability to activate Change Management.

Friction is created due to pushback from suppliers who hold power, leading to pushback from markets onto Global without understanding the reason why due to unidentified accuracy of nuance application and the contribution to business value.

Unidentified “how and where” in nuance application accountability leads to broken links in change management. This causes a shift in business initiative lead power due to reliance on partners where missing actions lead to missing metrics

3 Challenges when Nuance applied inaccurately:

  1. Disconnect in Culture Unable to Adapt Marco-forecast of a top-down approach lacks market cultural nuanced understanding which creates contribution barriers.

  2. Missing nuance infrastructure Unable to Action Overlooked insights generate utilization friction, resulting in lost investments in an organization’s centralized future-proofing.

  3. Discrepancies in accuracy Unable to Measure – Lack of nuance measurements leads to metric accuracy threat in business systemization of market representation.

The practices of global companies often exacerbate this challenge by expanding more of the current deliverables and actions within the same challenge point, causing budget friction, inaccurate focus, and loss of time due to rework vs identifying the accuracy of the application where the nuance is uncovered in the specific business initiative.

Pinpointing this section of accuracy identification can be painful, but crucial to shift lead power to avoid long-term detrimental effects including budget negotiations that are fairly leveled along industry standards.

The Solution that Fix, Heal, and Maximize

MYN Group provides the needed solution to Fix, Heal, and Maximize that identifies conclusive value purpose that validates nuance application accuracy.

Through identification, we validate the application of how nuance is used where knowledge and understanding allow organization teams to lead partnerships to maximization.

4 Solutions to Fix, Heal and Maximize supplier actions that fuels lead power for frictionless change management

  1. Conclusive Contributions – Identify the value of conclusions and metrics that contribute to business initiatives where we uncover true accuracy that leads to strong predictions and market share.

  2. Utilization Volume Increasing utilization with frictionless change management through discovering a volume of healing points that unlock and extract valuable insights that contribute to maximizing business decision-making.

  3. Action Accuracy Tracking the effect of actions in metrics that matter where we uncover how accurate the value of the action is, validating further investments of change navigation.

  4. Application Value Uncovering the value in how the application is applied where we pinpoint the exact missing links that strengthen ROI and the market share organization vision.

Shifting power back to organization teams while uncovering valuable insights that drive strong predictions for next year's planning where metric contributions are fuels and negotiation powers are at the right level. To learn more, email and discover how we can partner.

Check to learn more about maximizing business initiatives through cultural nuance in business intelligence.

Preserve Culture and Validate Nuance To Maximizes Business Initiatives That Fuels Change Management.

MYN Group helps organizations navigate culture by applying nuance validation in business intelligence for contribution accuracy in business units.

It is time to strengthen Global-Market alliance in accuracy, accountability, and own-ability to achieve increasing performance, utilization, and ROI.

Let's replace friction with focus and get things done.

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