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Running A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

As a digital innovative agency with offices in NYC, Amsterdam and Hong Kong, MYN Group works closely with brands to create a high-converting digital experience for customers. See our work here. An approach for maximizing digital attention and engagement lies in using one of the most effective marketing channels: email marketing. In a 2018 data study email outranked social media, SEO and affiliate marketing. Email marketing also reports the highest ROI (rate of returns) of the three.

Establish your goals

Before starting a campaign, ask yourself - what do you want to achieve with your email marketing campaign? This will guide you through the type of campaigns you create, the targeted recipients, the content included and your KPIs (key performance indicators) for success. Common goals are:

  • Welcoming new subscribers

  • Boosting engagement

  • Nurturing existing subscribers

  • Re-engaging subscribers

  • Segmenting your subscribers

Build a targeted email list

Keep in mind your existing contacts and build a new list from scratch. Focus on building a sizable email list. With a goal in mind, establish your credibility and purpose to get people interested in receiving your emails. Some ways to get people to sign up are:

  • Email series

  • Free downloads

  • Free white papers or eBooks

  • Update lists, like new releases and product updates

Create the content to match

Emails can consist of: newsletters, marketing offers, announcements or event invitations. With all goals established and an audience in mind, create a layout that captures attention. Include images and visuals to boost engagement. Once your content is laid out, ensure that it is on brand and builds trust with your audience. Decide how often and when your emails will be sent out. A survey shows most recipients favor monthly promotional emails. Of these promotional emails, most recipients want interactive email experiences. Having every email sent as a promotion email can ensure more unsubscribers than subscribers. Try the 80/20 mix with 80% of content being useful information and 20% being sales, products/services you’re selling.

Measure your results

Once your campaign is sent out, take the time to review the analytics. Three important measures to check for are: open rate, click-through rate and unsubscribes.

  • Open rate: amount of people who open the email. If this number is low, it means your content and subscribers are not engaged. Keep in mind the 80/20 mix and pre-established goals.

  • Click-through rate: This refers to any links (if any) contained in the email. A low click rate means your message isn’t targeted enough or has not been getting through. Focus on using key words and interesting headlines.

  • Unsubscribes: These are the people that are opting out of your email campaign. If this number is high, look to changing the frequency of the emails or evaluate your customer touchpoints. Read more about engaging customers here.

Email marketing campaigns are a great way to build awareness of your brand across all channels. If you want to hear more other campaigns, read out influencer marketing campaigns, Please contact us at to discuss any marketing campaigns.

Our #MYNHerd establishes sustainably agile, efficient ecosystems to build powerful consumer experiences that strengthen brand trust with ethical impact. Through this, first-party data, profile attributes, consumer feedback, and consumer insights are up to date through programmatic processes, automatically extending consumer lifetime value to discover the right customer exchange.

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