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Secret Steps to Scaling: Discovering Commonalities to Scale Cultural Nuances

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Scaling is not something we can throw money in. It requires a strong process and common language. MYN Group's Chief Officer Michelle Ng talks about scaling through understanding commonalities from an enterprise global level. She helps break down why there is a business need to scale and address the challenges that come with every business' scaling journey. She shares five steps on how to scale easily while preserving cultural nuance.

MYN Group bridges the disconnect between global top down strategies and bottom up market-level connection. Our #MYNHerd translates macroeconomic factors into microeconomic decisions while preserving cultural nuance. We interpret nano level data where commonalities scale successful impact at the global level. We're the "grease" that gets corporate gears moving, getting things done, replacing friction with focus.

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