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The Power of Friction Signals: Signaling for Steps That Prevent Nuance Discrepancies in AI and Technology Investments

Updated: Apr 29

As executives look at new ways to future-proof their organization, AI and technology go front and center as the priority investment. With such big investments, it is important to see the signals that indicate missing touchpoints to prevent discrepancies and allow for a seamless implementation from Global to Local.

The Power of Friction Signals for AI and Tech Investments

Watch MYN Group's Chief Officer Michelle Ng talk about maximizing future proofing investments with nuance validation where discovery in accuracy contribution strengthens alliance between Global and Market in this webinar.

The real elephant in the room is the need to understand where the Global can contribute and allow the local market to apply valuable nuance. Local markets, in turn, will validate the technology and tools that connect the organization authentically with its consumers.

Signals to watch out for to prevent nuance discrepancies

Organizations should be able to identify where nuance discrepancies may populate to prevent potential issues down the line, such as mismatched data, misrepresentation of the consumers, and friction between teams.

Here are some indicators that nuance is missing on various levels of the organization:

1. Global and Platforms

Low-quality insights are gathered at granular levels. There is a constant need to re-explain or restructure metrics because the insights do not provide value or support to the business decisions. 

2. Global and Markets

Strategies that are too bespoke due to multiple rounds of adaptation can only future-proof through to a market level rather than a global standpoint. With the lack of data connection to show the impact on business proofing, it will be a huge challenge to validate and move forward.

3. Market and Platforms

When silos across the organization are closed off and teams are not properly unified, each party will have a different understanding of their data and consumer behavior. This can cause delays or failure in the implementation of programs and investments. 

Connecting the dots

When the missing touchpoints are successfully identified and addressed, organizations can scale down to the local level while preserving cultural nuance and authentic connections with their consumers. Implementing programs with huge investments such as AI technology will flow seamlessly down the layers of the funnel. At the same time, organizations can cut down on unnecessary spending and budgeting as they can efficiently utilize all expectations and deliverables for the partners. This also leads to a sustainable digital presence by targeting the right space to expose the brand to the right consumers, reducing carbon footprint. 

Learn more about uncovering missing nuances and bridging the gap to your organization’s next big touchpoint through our Not So Nano Elephant in the Room Workshop. Click here to book a session with us or visit for more information.

Business Intelligence with Cultural Nuance

MYN Group bridges the disconnect between global top-down strategies and bottom-up market-level connection, preserving culture by applying cultural nuance in business intelligence for large organizations to future proof from macroeconomic impact.

We interpret nano-level data to determine the business value and contribution of the nuance, achieving greater return on investment and replacing friction with focus between Enterprise and Local. It’s time to get things done.

Want to know more? Email and discover how we can partner.

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