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Voice Command And Marketing: What's Coming?

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

As a digital innovative agency that specializes in creative work, MYN Group knows how important it is to keep up with marketing technology like voice command. We wanted to discuss new developments in the voice assistance field and how it can shape the customer experience.

Voice command is a research tool employed to facilitate the search process for users. Considered the number two method for mobile search (after internet browser), mobile voice assistance is predominately used for quick searches—a quick fact (68%), directions (65%), searching for a business (47%), or researching a product (44%). In fact, some estimates suggest that 50% of all searches are by voice, up from 25% of mobile queries in 2016.

Yet what’s more interesting is how this technology will become more prevalent in shopping. 25% of consumers say they’re most likely to use voice command when purchasing everyday household items. 75% of smart-speaker owners even query about local businesses at least once a week, and 60% of customers use voice assistance to make direct purchases. In fact, voice commerce sales are expected to rise to $40 billion in the US and $5 billion in the UK, up from $1.8 billion and $0.2 billion in 2017, respectively. This data, and the fact that 36% of millennials use voice assistance compared to 10% of boomers, suggest that purchasing through voice command is going to be an incredibly lucrative market in the years to come.

So how do you capitalize on voice assistance? Investing in voice command may be a good start. A recent Adobe survey claims that 91% of business decision makers are investing in voice technologies. 22% of these businesses already have a voice assistance app, and 44% plan to release one. The top two objectives for these survey participants was wanting to enable purchases (45%) and order tracking (45%), followed by aiding repeat purchases (44%).

Voice command can also be used for marketing during marketing initiatives and ad campaigns deployed on voice-operated devices. With the help of internet access, voice command has the potential to personalize the customer experience. The technology helps quickly and conveniently connect customers to products or services For example, 71% of smart speaker owners use voice command to make shopping lists. Marketers can use this information to personalize and recommend similar products to users, which will impact conversion during the customer journey.

Overall, voice command is a lucrative aspect of technology that is gaining prevalence and importance as time goes on. The MYN Group is ready to see how voice assistance changes and grows in the future. To read more about incoming technology, visit our Augmented Reality and Customers article or visit our newsroom for other topics.

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