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Festival of Color

What We Believe In

Getting things done while preserving cultural nuance. Let’s connect authentically with consumers to future proof business. It’s time to scale bespoke.


When institutions have provided macro forecasts, critics have highlighted those forecasts as being top-down. While Macroeconomics are the consistent impacts micro organizations must future-proof against, organizations must be in touch with the realities of consumers at the individual nano market level.

Our North Star,
The Total Experience

Dedication to innovating internal and external experience, bettering people’s lives. We believe in meaningful purpose, social impact, emotional intelligence applied internally, and frameworks that get things done.

Image by Inbetween Architects Jerome Charignon

The Elephant in the Room

MYN Group brings the Elephant in the Room and ER solution for bottom-up understanding to fulfill the need of consumers to have the right experience. Scaling at a bespoke level does not have to be painful with frames works that “Gets Things Done”.

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