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Image by Li Zhang

A Workshop That Advocates Your Business Value 

The Elephant in the Room

And let’s bring culture to the surface at the same time. 

Let’s identify the value opportunity highlighted in your business purpose, validating your contribution to future proofing the organization

Through a 3 dimensional quadrant framework, understand how  data should be treated with matching behaviours and actions needed to bring your vision to life with bottom up validation to future proof business from macro impacts 


Workshop Focus 

During this workshop, we will discover the Elephant in the Room that we can turn into  business value, understanding the areas to prioritize to streamline for accelerated success 


Workshop Agenda

  • Our Vision House that future proofs 

  • Tools and Materials: How they connect together 

  • Dimensions: Let’s begin the layering and where things go


The Delivered Value 

3 Applicable Advocating Slides 

Highlighting the value in the business opportunity that contributes to your vision 

Through the articulation of:  


  • Where the value opportunity sits in the purpose 

  • The return on business 

  • Treatment and solution 


Easy to understand, easy to advocate  

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