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What Is A Company Culture?

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

With offices in New York, Amsterdam, and Hong Kong, MYN Group has diverse teams with large knowledge bases, experiences, and cultural backgrounds. To learn about working with team members of different skill sets, visit this article. Our diversity helps us bring creative solutions to the table, and we believe collaboration is crucial for learning. Many of MYN Group’s strengths come from our company culture. But how exactly do we define company culture? Why is it important?

A company culture is the attitude and behavior of a company and its employees. It guides how people within an organization interact, as well as their values and decisions. A good company culture will acknowledge that an organization’s employees are an important asset and that guiding them in a positive way will garner the company’s success. MYN Group maintains a strong company culture where we prioritize communication, hard work, and support.

Often, the most challenging part of maintaining a positive company culture is the alignment problem: the difference between stated culture and real culture. A company culture will develop regardless of whether or not there is official guidance, so you’ll want to assure that your company’s culture will strive towards a positive workplace environment as soon as you can.

Here are some tips to create and maintain a positive company culture:

  • Have a clear mission statement and values

  • Encourage coworkers to participate in team-building

  • Maintain an environment where support is given to those who need it

  • Celebrate wins

  • Keep verbiage positive

  • Offer professional development and support through mentorship and other resources

  • Dedicate to wellness

In short, a positive workplace experience is crucial. By fostering a strong company culture, your employees will feel more connected to your organization and be more productive. If you want to learn more about a positive workplace or workplace skills, visit our Newsroom page for more.

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