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Working With Team Members Of Different Skill Sets

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

With offices in New York, Amsterdam, and Hong Kong, MYN Group has incredibly diverse teams with wide-ranging knowledge bases, experiences, and cultural backgrounds. To learn about why diverse skill sets are important for the workplace, visit this article. Our diversity helps us devise and develop creative solutions for our clients, and we have learned a lot from collaborating with our team members who have different professional experiences. Find a list of important skills for the workplace here, or read our Benefits of Creativity in the Workplace article. Here are some of our tips for working with colleagues who have different skill sets.

1. Communication

While communication is vital in any workplace environment, it is especially important when you are working with coworkers of other skill sets. A different skill set means your colleague has had different working experiences, and thus, retains a different knowledge base than your own. Someone with an advertising background might judge a KPI (key performance indicator) differently than someone from a finance background, for example.

Asking a team member for work on a project without thoroughly communicating what you need could result in materials you can’t use. This lack of clarity could result in a waste of time for your coworker, you, and your company. Always be sure to communicate with your colleagues what you need from them and what you can do for them to ensure the most speedy and efficient outcomes.

2. Advice

Team members with different skill sets specialize in different areas. They have education and experience with industries or work you may not be as familiar with. As a result, they will approach problems and devise solutions differently than you.

Reach out to your coworkers and ask for their opinions when problem-solving. Being proactive about advice is important because it encourages others to input their suggestions. If your team member suggests a unique solution they can create, you will be able to cater to professional niches. The diversity of professional background will help you and your team make creative solutions for your clients.

3. Listening

Listening is crucial when working with team members of different skills sets. Because of the different knowledge bases, your team members may catch errors that you have not, or vice versa. They also might have ideas to improve a project that you would not because of their previous experience. If you listen to your team members, you incorporate their diverse knowledge to create the best solutions possible for your client. Always try to listen to others’ unique opinions.

4. Acknowledgement

If someone you are working with completes a project or client work, give him or her credit. Even if you are unfamiliar with the specifics of what they did and how, it’s important to acknowledge that this team member worked hard and completed something others may not have been able to do. Acknowledging others’ hard work and giving them credit where credit is due makes them feel valued and needed, especially if others don’t have that skill set. It will be easier for them to embrace the attitude that everyone at the company wins together.

In short, it’s important to learn how to work with team members of diverse professional backgrounds and different skill sets. MYN Group believes communication, advice, and acknowledgement are vital to creating a productive workspace with our team members. Visit our Careers page to learn more about our company culture and visit our Work page to learn more about our previous work.

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