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MYN Group helps global organizations scale top-down strategies at the market level while leveraging market-level data for bottom-up understanding

Unlock social responsibility to preserve cultural nuances, connecting authentically with consumers 

Deliver sustainable results where Global strategy journeys down the organizational funnel with MMM-N Infinity 

The not-so-NANO Elephant in the Room

The disconnect between global strategies and market level execution




Traditional applications and tactics fail initially.


of what sets high performers apart from peers with similar technical skills and knowledge is emotional intellegence


of employees cannot recall when they last engage in company materials and playbooks


Teams who received the emotional intelligence training and applied to action plans increase revenue by 12% in one quarter

Disrupting Management Consulting

Institutions, like the World Bank, have always provided macroeconomic forecasts of growth trajectories for countries.


However, market experts on the ground are faulting these macroeconomic forecasts for being top-down focused and consequently, creating out-of-touch realities for each market's consumer, missing the bottom-up needed for consumers to have the right experience. 

Other Consulting Groups focus on top messaging only leaving the bottom Market NANO messaging untapped and untouched. 


MYN Group delivers sustainable results where Global strategy journeys down the organizational funnel with MMM-N Infinity.

Modern Global Enterprise Companies need a new type of consultant that takes solutions to the next level to take global strategies and Adapt & Action them at the local market level.

MMM-N Infinity: Infinite Sustainable Results

MYN Group is at the center of building a global approach with bespoke market-level understanding, expertise, and technology programs.

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